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Paver Tiles

Paver Tiles

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Product Overview:

- High-quality tiles designed for all flooring needs, offering exceptional durability and versatility.
- Crafted in India, ensuring top-notch quality and performance.
- 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice for your flooring solutions.

Key Features

- Unmatched Load Bearing Capacity:  Tiles are capable of bearing loads exceeding 40 tons, making it an ideal choice for heavy traffic areas, parking areas.
- **Safety and Durability**: These tiles offer excellent grip, anti-slip, anti-UV, fire retardant, and non-fading surface, providing a safe and long-lasting flooring solution.
- Damage Resistant: The tiles are highly resistant to accidental damages, ensuring their longevity and continuous performance.
- **Easy Installation and Portability**: Paver Tiles can be easily installed and shifted from one location to another without causing any damage.
- Effective Drainage System: Our tiles come with a well-designed draining system, eliminating the concerns of water logging.
- Variety of Colors: Available in a wide range of beautiful colors to complement your aesthetic requirements.

Advantages Over Cement Pavers

- **Fast and Easy Installation**: With interlocking design, Paver Tiles are quicker and simpler to install than traditional cement pavers.
- **No Sand Base Required**: These tiles can be directly installed on a flat cemented base, eliminating the need for a sand base.
- **Durability and Stability**: Unlike cement pavers, our tiles eliminate the risks of undulations, sinkage, and breakages.
- **Long-Lasting Beauty**: Paver Tiles maintain their aesthetic appeal for years, far outlasting traditional cement pavers.
- **Quick Relocation**: The tiles can be moved to another location within a day, offering unmatched flexibility.

**Recommended Uses**

Paver Tiles   the perfect choice for a variety of areas including:

- Pathways, Patios, Car Parking Area, Walkways
- Terrace flooring
- Balconies, Backyards, Gardens, Swimming Pools

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