Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)
Interlocking Tiles ( PP)

Interlocking Tiles ( PP)

Rs. 100.00
Enhance your sports courts with these high-quality interlocking tiles made from durable PP material. These tiles are easy to assemble and provide a perfect playing surface, ensuring safety and performance. Upgrade your sports facility with our expertly designed interlocking tiles for ultimate sports experience.

Perfectly suited for a range of sports including badminton, basketball, volleyball, and tennis, these tiles are the ideal choice for creating dynamic, safe, and durable children's play areas and sports courts. Engineered for performance and safety, our PP tiles offer exceptional durability, easy installation, and low maintenance, ensuring your sports facility stands out. Make your mark in the competitive sports arena with our interlocking tiles, where quality meets beauty.
Length (mm):312
Width (mm)312
Height (mm)16
Weight (g)335

Multi-Sport Usage

Whether it's for a basketball court, tennis court, skating , or any other sports facility, our tiles offer the perfect foundation for athletes to perform their best.


Committed to sustainability, our tiles are 100% recyclable, supporting eco-friendly construction practices across India.

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Easy Installation & Maintenance

Featuring an innovative interlocking design, our tiles can be easily installed and reconfigured, making them ideal for both permanent and temporary setups.

Durability & Safety

Engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions, our PP tiles also boast a cushioned surface for added safety and comfort.

PP TILES basketballl court.jpg__PID:41baf0db-1757-478e-8616-321ec9b3fd3f

Colorful and Inviting Sports Arena

Elevate your sports facility with our PP tiles, designed for durability, performance, and environmental responsibility. Perfect for schools, sports clubs, and recreational areas, our flooring solutions promise to transform any space into a professional-grade sports venue.

Vibrant Colors 

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
PP tiles - bgR.png__PID:9c2a8660-5455-41b8-bcba-f534489e02db
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Competitive advantage

PP tiles are not only certified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for quality, categorized as Fast Court – Category 5, but also undergo rigorous testing and certification by renowned laboratories like LABOSPORTS and SML Testing Services. These certifications ensure that the tiles meet high standards for durability, safety, and performance, making them suitable for a wide range of sports applications including basketball, volleyball, badminton, and tennis courts. This adherence to quality and performance standards underlines the tiles' suitability for both professional sports facilities and recreational areas, offering assurance to consumers about their investment in a top-tier sports flooring solution.

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"Used PP tiles for our courts. Remarkable durability, easy upkeep. Students love it."

Principle - An International School

Our academy's courts now have PP tiles. Better performance, safer for players. Parents and players satisfied

Badminton Coach - Sports Academy

"Installed PP tiles for our society's courts. Low maintenance, looks premium. Residents applaud the upgrade."

President - - Residential Society

Selected PP tiles for our home garden play area. Safe, sturdy, easy to clean. Kids thrilled.

A proud daddy - Naman

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Interlocking PP Tiles: The Ultimate sports flooring

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